Bathtub Motherhood Photos: Thinking Outside the Frame

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Bathtime is an everyday part of every mom’s life. So much so, that it’s probably never even crossed your mind to take bathtub motherhood photos. Taking photos in the playful and intimate setting of the tub is thinking outside the frame a bit–but these types of photos have become some of our favorites. When we […]

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Having a new baby is tough. Having a new baby when you also have toddlers? A challenge meant for superheroes. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Here are our tricks and tips for nursing a new baby with toddlers in tow. Think of it as a survival guide–and remember, you’ve got this! Use […]

Nursing a New Baby with Toddlers in Tow: A Survival Guide

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Boise Boudoir Maternity

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At Glean and Co, we’re all about celebrating you: Your story, your family, your body—all the beautiful things that make you unique. Which is why, if you’re expecting, we’d love to give you a quick glimpse into the what, where, and why of Boise boudoir maternity sessions. What: Boise Boudoir Maternity Photography Session A lot […]

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For being so little themselves, new babies come with an awfully big wish list. With our ultimate gift guide for pregnant moms, we’ll help you figure out a few of our favorite baby products (and where to buy them!) Plus, we’ll explore the ultimate gift that will last a lifetime: maternity, newborn, and family photos! […]

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Pregnant Moms

Glean & CO

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The Glean&Co Baby Registry

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Having a new baby is expensive. And sometimes that means sacrificing the things you really want in lieu of the necessities. (Like diapers, hospital bills and other boring things you don’t really want to have to spend money on.) We can help with our brand new Baby Registry! Photos are the gift that keep on giving, […]

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If you’ve started shopping for a newborn photographer, chances are you’ve felt a little overwhelmed. It’s true that there are a lot of photographers out there, but if you have a clear idea of what kind of images you want and an established set of parameters, you’ll be able to narrow it down and find […]

How to Choose the Right Boise Newborn Photographer for YOU

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How to Style Your Maternity & Newborn Photos

Maternity, Newborn Photography

Choosing what to wear for your upcoming maternity and newborn photos can be overwhelming- especially when you’re planning these 2 photoshoots so close together! Over the years we’ve found a couple different ways to think through the planning process to ease the overwhelm and help create picture perfect wall art that feels like it was […]

the ultimate gift guide for pregnant moms in Boise Idaho

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Not sure motherhood photography sessions are for you? A lot of moms feel hesitant about capturing their motherhood journey with professional photography. Sure, you might daydream about it, but as you scroll through those gorgeous pictures on Instagram you probably catch yourself thinking, “I’m not that glamorous.” “My house doesn’t look like that.” Or “My […]

Boise Motherhood Photography Sessions


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Capturing Milestones & Family Stages

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As moms, you hear it all the time: “They grow up so fast!” It doesn’t always feel that way in the day-to-day, but it’s true. Babies grow quickly. And it’s so important to capture their milestones before those moments are gone. Capturing Baby Milestones The big baby milestones to capture are the classics: ·        Smiling […]

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It’s easy to love our babies; it’s not always easy to feed them. Every mother’s story of feeding her baby is different, special, and deserves to be documented. For some mothers and babies, breastfeeding comes easy and is a treasured experience. For others, it’s a struggle—for so many reasons. But whatever your story, we believe […]

Boise Idaho Breastfeeding Photography Sessions

Fed, With Love

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