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Ask any family photographer to name their busiest season and they’ll all say the same thing: Fall. Autumn family photos are beautiful, and nobody loves a good fall photoshoot as much as we do. But, people, there are three other seasons that are flat out gorgeous too! Family photos aren’t just for fall, and we want to help you document your family’s memories in every season—especially the seasons that work best for you and your family. Here’s why you might want to consider a family photoshoot BEFORE the fall rush, and how to decide which season is the best one to create your family’s artwork.

Mother sitting on blanket with children in Boise foothills
November in the Boise Foothills
Father holding baby girl in field with foothills in the background
October in the Boise Foothills
Parents walking with young children along rocky riverbank with autumn trees in the background
Boise River in November

Scheduling Your Family Photos

One reason family photos aren’t just for fall is that fall, gorgeous as it is, is notoriously busy. With school starting up again and the holidays just around the corner, finding time to take photos can be tough. So why not schedule your photoshoot when you have a little more flexibility? Spring is usually more relaxed, since school is winding down and there aren’t many holidays or big events to plan for. And summer provides tons of opportunities for active portraits that capture your family’s favorite memories and activities: like camping, playing at the beach, or enjoying a backyard barbecue with friends.

Even scheduling just a month or two before the fall photo rush of October/November can give you an edge. Having photos taken in August/September also captures that amazing summer skin glow that’s better than makeup and looks great in photos!

Scheduling your family photoshoot for a season other than fall also make it much more likely that you’ll get the dates and location you want. October and November are when everyone does their family photos—which means your photographer may be booked solid by the time you get around to scheduling.

Family photos aren't just for fall, family seated in Boise field in July
Early July at Hidden Lakes Reserve
Mother reading to young child in dappled sunlight under trees with dog at her side
Early September at Boise Military Reserve


Fall in the Boise area is tricky. If you wait for the leaves to really start turning so you can get those iconic autumn shades, you’re usually going to be waiting until the third or fourth week of October. But…that’s also the week it generally starts to get cold and wet. With both your own and your photographer’s fall schedule already packed, the last thing you want to do is try to reschedule because of weather.

While spring can also be a little chilly, you’re more likely to have dry weather in those months than you are in the fall. Plus spring brings beautiful wildflowers to the foothills. Early summer (between May and June) is also a great time for wildflowers AND can allow you to beat the heat of midsummer.

Woman in blue maternity dress and husband against desert backdrop in Boise Idaho
April in the Boise Foothills
Couple lying on blanket amid spring flowers
May in Crouch Idaho


Do you have fall colors in your home anywhere? This doesn’t come to most people’s minds as a reason that family photos aren’t just for fall, but it’s a big one. Think for a second about your home décor. If you have lots of browns, reds, oranges, and yellows throughout your home, then fall is the absolute perfect time to create new wall art for your family. But if you love neutrals and have incorporated lighter blues, grays, greens, or soft pastels, then spring is the time of year for you. Or if you love bright, vibrant colors, summer is going to be your best friend.

Remember, these family photos are for you to hang and enjoy in your home, so you want to make sure they match the décor and overall feel of the room where they’ll be displayed. Just taking a look at your style can immediately help you narrow down which season will be best for your family photos.

Family photos aren't just for fall, family seated on rocks in the woods in midsummer
July at the Boise Foothills Learning Center

Location Matters

It’s not just about when, but where. Location also plays a determining factor in deciding which is the best season for family photos—for you. Think about what kind of feel you want for your photos and what types of backgrounds you love. You might be all about trees and greenery. Or maybe you prefer lots of open sky so that your portraits are backlit by a dramatic sunset. You might love the contrast of an elegant dress paired with craggy rock and sagebrush. Or perhaps the gold and green of open fields are exactly what you’re looking for.

Knowing ahead of time the kind of photos you want can help you determine not only when to book your photos, but also which locations could work well. For example, the foothills of Boise are beautiful all year long with tall grasses and sweeping mountains in the distance. But they wear very different looks at different seasons. In the winter, those mountains are covered with snow, while in the springtime we’ll see a lot of lovely greens that will fade to gold as the summer heat moves in.

The Boise River is another wonderful choice. Popular in fall because of its massive trees and beautifully colored leaves, it’s just as gorgeous in summer with the sun sparkling off the water.

We’ve got a whole list of outdoor locations for family photoshoots, so if you need ideas, just ask. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Boise Foothills
  • Boise Foothills Learning Center
  • Hidden Lakes Reserve
  • Boise River
  • Boise Military Reserve
Couple dancing in a field at sunset
Early July in the Boise Foothills

Photos for Every Season

Family photos aren’t just for fall. They’re for every season of the year—and for every season of life. If you need help deciding which season is the best one for your family photos, all you have to do is book a consultation. We’re happy to help with all the details, from when and where, to makeup and outfits, and from the booking process all the way down to your finished artwork. We believe that planning a family photoshoot should be fun. So hand off all the details to us, trust the process (we’ve done this hundreds of times, you’re in the very best of hands), and enjoy! Creating and capturing special memories matters more than anything, and we would be honored to help you document the moments, the connections, and the love of your family!


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