Favorite Things (from a Geriatric Mother)

This weekend my friend Stacy threw me a geriatric baby shower. Yep, That’s what they call it when a woman 35+ is having a baby- “Geriatric Pregnancy” I’m not sure what man came up with that but it’s pretty rude don’t you think? I don’t really feel 35 until I’m around a 22 year old and then realize yes, I’m definitely 35. But I digress. 

Since this is my 3rd baby I really didn’t need to have a baby shower, but as my mom says “every baby should be celebrated” so we celebrated. Stacy (as always) pulled out all the stops, made everyone their own “Wine Like a Mother” glass, scarred herself for life by googling “porn face” in order to make a “porn or push” game, had a “Belly-ni bar” for all those indulging and made all of my favorites appetizers. Everyone needs a Stacy on their registry. 

But, what else do you need when you’re having a baby? I tell you what, your “needs” change quite a bit from baby one to baby 3 when needs really just become wants. Do I NEED a new Tula when I already have 87 other baby carriers? My husband would argue, No. Do I want one? Yep. 

And of course every mom will give you a slightly different list of necessities and favorite products cause what works for one baby might be oh so wrong for another, but I always love to see other people’s favorites and compare them to my own. So here you go, just a few of old lady Paige’s baby favorites that have lasted the test of 3 babes. (FYI, I’m not getting any kind of kick back or benefit from any of these products, they really just are my favorites!)


Nursing Pillow: My Brest Friend

I’m a big Boppy fan, so I’d definitely get one of those too, but as a small chested woman the Brest Friend is my favorite while baby is teeny tiny. The strap allows you to hike it up higher and have it stay in place so you can get baby in just the right position.

Nursing Pads: I don’t know that brand really matters here but just the fact that you have nursing pads of some nature. I liked these disposable Medela ones but I also had some cloth ones a friend made for me which were great. With my first baby I didn’t realize that I’d be a 2 sided faucet with both taps on at all times so I was DRENCHED after every nursing session. My mom laughed when I said I hadn’t bought any nursing pads before the baby was born. Oops! Which leads me to my next favorite thing which is an absolutely hands down must have for me!

Milk Saver: Milkies

I discovered this when pregnant with #2 and it’s amazing! You just stick it in your bra on the side you aren’t nursing on (or if you’re only pumping one side) and it collects all the leaky drips. For me that was a good 2oz the first month or 2 every time I nursed! 

Breastpump: Spectra S1
With my first 2 I had the Medela Freestyle and I absolutely loved the ability to pump on the go without being plugged in. Especially when you have a toddler to chase after, you just can’t be stuck plugged into the wall forever. My insurance is covering the Spectra S2, but I’m upgrading to the S1 (for the rechargeable battery) for baby 3- I’ll report back on if I like it as well as the Medela but I’ve been hearing great things from other moms so I’m going to preemptively recommend it. 

Hands Free Pumping Bra: I don’t know that brand really matters on this one but simply that you have one! This is the one that I have and has served me well

Genius hack I learned from one of my newborn clients this year- get a fanny pack! The combination of the fanny pack for the pump itself and the handsfree bra means you can cook dinner while pumping! (but…..maybe only do this for your own family and not when having dinner guests)

Breastmilk Storage bags: Lanisoh

That saying about not crying over spilled milk? Doesn’t apply when you spill liquid gold. These bags are the only ones I found that consistently didn’t leak and they have a double seal at the top. Bonus, you can find them pretty much everywhere around town at places like Albertsons and Fred Meyer. 

Hack: Put these in the freezer flat so they freeze evenly. Once they’re frozen you can stand them up and stack them much easier! I always keep a sharpie in the box of bags so I can write the date on the top and sort them by oldest to newest.

Bottles: Tommee Tippee

My first took whatever you offered him. My second was a tricky monkey and we went through several different  brands before finding one he would take. He finally settled on the Tommee Tippee bottles- I liked this colorful set in particular because I always knew which one was missing. 

Burp cloths/Bibs: Burpy Bibs

I like these better than other cloth bibs or burp rags because these are both! They contour to your shoulder or you can snap them around baby in case your baby is like my second was and spits up without warning at any moment of the day.

Solid Foods Bib: Baby Bjorn

People kept recommending these to me with my first. We had bibs, they were fine, blah blah blah why buy more? I got some with my 2nd and was like darn it! That’s why everyone told me to buy them with my first! 

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PLAY (and by play I mostly mean, leave the house):

Stroller: Baby Jogger City Select

This is totally a personal choice- some people love the Bob, others (like me) hate it. But whether you’re on your first baby or 2nd and beyond I’d definitely go test drive the Baby Jogger City Select. I wish I would have bought this with baby 1 and then just added the second seat when #2 came along. Instead we had like 6 different cheap strollers we never liked or used because they weren’t comfortable to push or fold up or for whatever reason just sat getting dusty and taking up space in our garage. Bonus: You can get the click in attachment for all the major car seat brands so you can just click in their bucket seat and go. 

Baby Carriers:
For tiny newborns: Boba Wrap

Soft Structured Carrier (Once they’re a little bigger): Lenny Lamb

For when you’re going on a sunny vacay or just headed to the pool: Comfy Joey Water Sling

I also really like my Toddler Tula, but I think bang for your buck you get a better deal with a Lenny Lamb than a Tula. I wish LL’s had a pocket like Tula’s do, but I found a lady on Etsy that made one that just slips onto my waist band and matches my fabric. It’s incredibly comfortable and the only carrier I’ve ever been able to nurse in while on the go. That being said, as soon as I figure out if this baby is a boy or a girl I’m splurging on a full wrap conversion Tula cause….. last baby. 

Play Mat: Infantino Twist and Fold
Ask your friends with kids if they have one of these you can borrow or buy off them. They’re another one of those things that are stupid expensive for what they are, but they really are handy for a few months while baby isn’t quite mobile yet. This is the one we have but really any brand or type will do.

This Toy: Baby Einstein

My kids loved this thing and it seemed to be a favorite amongst all their baby friends too. It’s a little annoying but fantastic for the car when they just won’t stop screaming. It was always in my diaper bag. 


Everyone has different tactics on getting their kids to sleep and the methods that work best for them, this is ours and worked great for both of our boys. We’re crossing our fingers it works a third time- but seriously- every baby is different! Some absolutely hate having their arms down, others (like ours) might fuss for a minute as you’re getting them all swaddled but then settle in and sleep so much better. Do whatever works for you, but give it a try! 

Step One: Aden + Anais Muslin Blanket (I like the bamboo ones cause they’re so soft!)

Grab one of these and follow the steps in this video on how to double swaddle

Step Two: The Woombie

After you have them secure in the double swaddle, top the muslin blanket with a zip up woombie. That baby ain’t goin nowhere (and will look like a cute little caterpillar) 

Once they’re old enough to roll: Swaddle Design SleepSacks

Our 2.5year old still sleeps in the XL version of this! We have a ton of different brands but these are by far my favorite. 

The Swing: Fisher Price

OHHH the swing, my one true love. When my second was about 3 months old he was such a disaster zone with his reflux and tongue tie and food sensitivities that the ONLY place he would sleep was the swing. I went to visit my mom and shipped one to her house because I was so desperate for him to sleep. The first night there he slept 12hours straight in that thing and I deemed it the best $150 I had ever spent. No other swing is as good (we tried several), my kids never liked the rock n play (though I know a lot of them do) and the $400 Momaroos can take a hike IMHO. This baby is a winner. *Note: This is one of those items that is vital for a few months and then gets stuck in storage until the next baby comes around- if you can find a used one, snatch it up! (or better yet borrow one) No need to pay full price, especially without knowing whether your baby will be a swing lover or not. 

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POOP (and other bodily needs):

Cloth Diapers: Grovia 

I really like the Grovia Hybrid cloth diaper because if the covers are dry (and don’t have poop on them) you can slap a new insert in and re-use it until the next diaper change. This means I don’t have to buy nearly as many covers comparatively to pocket diapers where you change the entire thing every time. Bonus: The covers work fantastic for reusable swim diapers! 

Cloth Diaper Detergent: DIY Recipe!

We tried all the big name brands, but this is the only thing that ever worked for us that didn’t have a ton of build up and lead to crazy diaper rash that wouldn’t go away. Plus it’s much cheaper, so win-win. 

Wipe Warmer: Prince Lionheart

If you’re going to cloth diaper and use cloth wipes, this is something to consider purchasing. If you’re doing disposables don’t bother! I promise your kids will survive a cold wipe. But for cloth wipes this thing is great because you can get your stack wet and stick them in there and it prevents them from molding or drying out. 

Nasal Aspirator: The Nose Frida

I mean this thing is disgusting, I hate snot! But nothing works better when your poor sweet babe is all stuffed up and miserable. Just make your husband actually do it cause bleh. 

Teeny Tiny Fingernail Clippers: Safety First

I hate clipping tiny nails! But this pair is the only one I’ve had that I feel good about not cutting them- especially when they get a little bigger and start squirming. 

Ok, that’s it for now, though I have a ton of other local favorites, frivolous favorites, book favorites and more so keep an eye on the blog and I’ll keep them coming. What are your favorites for new babes??? Email us or comment on our facebook or instagram!



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