When I was pregnant with my 1st I set up a tripod in my front yard and took a picture of myself and my enormous belly. Maternity photos, check.⁣

When I was pregnant with my second son I decided I wanted more than anything to have a picture of my big belly with my first born so we hired a photographer to take family photos and do a “big brother” session.⁣

And then I joined up with Jamie, we became Glean + Co and the way I thought about photography sessions changed forever.⁣

I told her that when we got pregnant with our 3rd we were going somewhere epic, I was ordering the perfect dress and I was having professional hair and makeup done. I dreamed about that session for months and months and those photos could not be more perfect.⁣

But then, neither could the big brother photos, or even my selfie in the front yard. I love them all because they all represent different stages of my life and different stages of being a mom. And more than anything I love that they all exist so my kids can look at them and see where they came from.⁣

So, even if you’re feeling fat and bloated and not feeling that pregnancy “glow” ….have photos taken. Whether they’re with a hired professional or a friend who has a nice camera…..have photos taken. If it’s your first baby or your 10th…..have photos taken. Because it’s not really about you- it’s about them. And someday they’re going to want to see what their mom looked like before she got to meet the baby in her belly.⁣