I have a horrible memory. Like, really really bad.⠀

But I can remember the lead up to this guy’s birth 7 years ago perfectly. I remember how it felt to wait an extra 13 days. How annoyed I was with all the “have you had that baby yet?” Texts and phone calls.⠀

I remember exactly what it felt like after 30 hours of labor to finally hear his cry and I remember how tired and overwhelmed I was the first few months of his life.⠀

I remember how proud I was when he rolled over, sat up, pulled up and walked. His first full sentence (“I’ll be back!”) and the tears we both cried on his first day (actually weeks) of preschool dropoff.⠀

I remember the first time he really read a book to me all on his own, how excited he was the morning he went off to kindergarten and that first lost tooth.⠀

I remember all these big things and important moments, and yet….I have no idea where the last 7 years have gone.⠀

Happy birthday my Crewe boy, thanks for making me a mom.