Do you have pregnancy brain?

It’s a real thing, believe me. As is postpartum brain. And the kids are all sleeping through the night but I still can’t remember brain. I think with each baby born they take with them a piece of your ability to remember. (Or maybe it’s the increase in wine consumption?)⠀

Yesterday I woke up before everyone, made lunches and sat down at my computer to start answering a few emails and take care of some tasks. As I was writing one I thought of something I absolutely had to make sure to do as soon as I finished the email I was writing.⠀

I finished the email, hit send and then……..


I sat there and stared at my computer screen completely lost. I had no idea what I had been thinking about “absolutely having to do” not 3 minutes earlier.

I sat there for quite awhile and then the baby started crying, my day officially started and that important thing suddenly didn’t matter at all.⠀

What have you completely forgotten about lately?