DIY Newborn Photography Workshop – April 23, 2022

DIY Newborn Photography, Newborn Photography, Newborns, Studio

A workshop specifically tailored to new moms who want to learn how to take better pictures of their brand new babies. Join us April 23, 2022!

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Pinterest fails have taught us that things are not nearly as easy as they may seem and that absolutely is true for newborn photography.⁠ The problem is that unlike a cake that came out badly baked or an art project gone wrong, we can’t go back in time. The baby has grown. We don’t get a […]


DIY Newborn Photography, Newborn Photography

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Newborn Month, Day 4

DIY Newborn Photography, Newborn Photography

Did you see my embarrassing post yesterday? Yep, I took that awful picture of my now 8 year old son because I truly believed I knew what I was doing despite having held about 10 babies my entire life and only having photographed like 4. I didn’t think newborns would be any different than any […]

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